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Writing Board, Display Panel, Flip Chart, Menu Board, News Paper & Magazine Rack, Notice Board, White Board, Green Board, Glass Board, Peg Board, Planning Board, Junior Board, Wing Board, Deluxe Board, Board Cabinet, Map Board, Compact Board, Plan Hanger, Easel Stand, Key Box, Plastic Holder

 Writing Board - White Board, Green/Black Chalk Board, Glass Board, Notice Board, Board Cabinet
 White Board  Glass Writing Panel   Green, Black Chalk Board (Aluminium / Wooden Frame)  Double Sided with Stand

Single Sided Magnetic / Non-Magnetic White Board

Modern Look Glass Writing Panel

Aluminium Frame Green Board

Nyatoh Wooden Frame Green Board

Double Sided White Board With Multi Stand

 - Single Sided Magnetic / Non-Magnetic  - 8mm glass panel on PVC white background  - Stronger magnetic surface       - Magnetic / Non-magnetic
 - Write On and Wipe Off Convenience  - 100% easy cleaning  - Write On/Wipe off convenience  - 360 Rotation
 - 9mm Plywood Backing  - Chromed bolt for wall installation  - Aluminium frame and chalk tray   - Lockable Castor
 - Aluminium Frame with Marker Tray  - Stainless Steel marker tray (Length 100cm)  - Solid Nyatoh wooden frame  - Scratch Resistant Texture Epoxy
 - Furnished with Safety P.V.C Cap  - Multiple Sizes: From 3' x 4' to 4' x 6'  - Sizes: From 2' x 2' to 4' x 12'  - Aluminium frame
 - Multiple Sizes: From 2' x 3' to 4' x 12'      - Multiple Sizes available
 Stick On Board  Foam Notice Board  Cork Notice Board  Velvet Notice Board  P/U Notice Board  Micro Suede Notice Board

Wooden Frame Stick On Board

Wooden Frame Foam Notice Board

Wooden Frame Cork Notice Board

Wooden Frame Velvet Notice Board

Wooden Frame P/U Notice Board

Wooden Frame Micro Suede Notice Board

Framing with 2.5 inch Solid Nyatoh Wood and also available with Aluminium Frame with P.V.C Corner Cap for all Edges

 Stick On sheet (w/o map pin)


 Brown and Beige Colour  10 mm Foam Board  Cork Sheet laminated on 10mm  Velvet  Sheet laminated on 10mm P/U laminated on 10mm Foam Micro Suede laminated on 10mm
 Can stick on all kind of paper  2 color to choose from  Soft Board  Soft Board Foam Board Foam Board
     Easy to pin up and remove  3 colors to choose from  4 colors to choose from  4 colors to choose from
 Stick On Board Cabinet  Cork Board Cabinet  Foam Board Cabinet  Velvet Board Cabinet  Wooden Frame Cabinet

Stick On Board Cabinet

Cork Board cabinet

 Foam Board Cabinet

 Velvet Board cabinet

Wooden Frame Cabinet

 Stick On Sheet Laminated on 7mm  3 mm Cork Sheet Laminated on 10 mm  10 mm Thickness Foam Laminated On  Velvet Laminated on 10 mm Foam with  30mm x 76mm varnished solid
 Plywood  foam with 3 mm Plywood Blocking  Top of 6 mm Plywood Backing  3 mm Plywood Backing  nyatoh wooden frame

 1" x 3" Aluminium & All Edges are furnished with Safety P.V.C Corner Cap

 Plywood Backing
Sliding Glass (5mm) Lockable , Keep Message or Notice Protected
     2 colors to choose from  3 colors to choose from  
 Planning Board  Monthly Planner / Weekly Planner  Important Reminder / Yearly Planner
Monthly and Weekly Planner / Planning Board Important Reminder and Yearly Planner / Planning Board
Different Kind Of Planning Board to choose from : Monthly, Weekly, Yearly, Daily, Graph, Music Line, Important List, Expire List, Production Output
Customize your ideal board with Table and Wording and available in Multiple sizes
Available in Aluminium and Wooden Frame
 Junior Board  Junior Board Series 1  Junior Board Series 2  Junior Board Series 3  Junior Board Series 4

Junior Board

Junior Board Series 1

Junior Board Series 2

Junior Board Series 3

Junior Board Series 4

 Magnetic whiteboard writing surface  'A" shape stand with castors  'T' shape stand with castor  'T' shape stand with castor  Double sided whiteboard with full length tray
 with foldable marker tray  Sizes: From 2' x 2' to 3' x 4'  Foam Board on the upper portion  Sizes: From 3' x 4' to 2' x 6'  'A' Shape stand with castors
 Attractive colorful aluminium frame    Whiteboard on the lower portion    Central Storage shelf allows storage of paper
 Available with / without castor    Sizes: From 4' x 1' to 4' x 2'    and other material
 Suitable for all ages        Kids can work on both sides without getting in
 Sizes: From 1' x 1' to 3' x  5'        each others way
         Sizes: From 2' x 5' to 2' x 6'

Suitable for Kindergarten, Nursery, Primary School usage

 Deluxe Menu Board  Classic Menu Board  Economy Menu Board  Galaxy Wooden Menu Board  Wooden Menu Board

Deluxe Menu Board

Classic Menu Board

Economy Menu Board

Galaxy Menu Board

Wooden Menu Board

Single or Double Sided Board

Powder Coated steel frame

Wooden frame

Available in Whiteboard (Marker) or Green board (Chalk) Surface

645 (L) x 570 (W) x 1280 (H) mm

Antique finishing with Rough steel design

545 (L) x 510 (W) x 900 (H) mm ('A' stand) 640 (L) x 450 (W) x 900 (H) mm 660 (L) x 420 (W) x 1230 (H) mm

560 (L) x 440 (W) x 1260 (H) mm

       660 (L) x 420 (W) x 1230 (H) mm ('T' stand)    

Suitable for Restaurant, Bar, Coffee Shop, Canteen, Hotel, Club House usage


 Economy Flip Chart  Standard Flip Chart  Deluxe Board  Classic Flip Chart  Professional Flip Chart
Economy Flip Chart Standard Flip Chart Deluxe Board Classic Flip Chart Professional Flip Chart
Magnetic White Board Surface
Affix Paper Clamp System
All Edges Are furnished with Safety P.V.C. corner Cap Lockable Castor
Lockable Castor & Adjustable Stand Wrought Iron design Extendable steel bar for extra presentation material
Foldable marker tray   Spring Height adjustable pole
Also available in black color    
 Plastic Frame Board  Dual Board  Map Board  Wing Board  Swing Board  Compact Board
Plastic Frame Board Dual Surface Board Map Board Wing Board Swing Board Compact Board
 Magnetic Board with plastic frame  White Board with Velvet Notice  Available for Magnetic, laminated  Magnetic or Green Board surface  Wall mounted and mobile  Full length marker tray
 5 different frame colors  Board  or Pinable  Extended wing board to write more  Available in magnetic, green  Suitable for children
 Multiple sizes from 8.27" x 11.69"  Also available with Foam Notice  Available for Wooden frames &  Magnetic closure for confidentiality  board, cork or velvet notice board  Grey Powder Coated
 to 24" x 36"  Board, Cork Notice Board, P/U  Aluminum Frame  Plywood Core  Aluminum frame with safety  3' x 1' or  4' x1'
   Notice Board  All edges are furnished with safety  All stainless steel hangers  PVC corer cap  
   Available in multiple sizes  PVC corner cap  Metal marker tray (100 cm)  Available in 6 & 8 panels  
 Mobile Display Panel  Smart Display  Economy Display Panel  Display Peg Board  Poster Frame  Poster Frame
Mobile Display Panel

Smart Display

Economy Display Panel Display Peg Board Poster Frame Arcylic Poster Frame
12 mm x 2mm core soft board  Easy assembly without screw  Fast set-up and knock down  Wooden frame cabinet or Aluminum frame  Aluminum frame  A4 / A3 / Poster Size
 Aluminum frame  Rigid & sturdy aluminum  Single sided or double sided  3 mm hard board with 4 mm holes  Stick on sheet laminated surface  Clear Acrylic Surface
 Velco Fastener and push pin  frame for more stability  velvet board with aluminum  32 mm x 200 mm varnished solid Nyatoh frame  Hold paper without pins  Stainless Steel Nut
 1"x2" epoxy coated hollow  Double sided display with  frame, accept velco fastener  5mm Sliding glass keeps display visible  Available in grey or brown color  Chrome Framing
 steel stand with lockable castor  Velco fastener  and push pin for easy display  and protected  Sizes from 3' x 4' to 2.5' x 3.5'  Easy to use
 Optional Interlocking bracket  Comes with carrying bag  Board can be displayed  Chrome finished metal folder (S) (M)  (L)    
 5 Colors Fabric Surface  Optional spotlight and stand  vertically or horizontally  Peg Board Size from 2' x 3' to 4' x 8'    
   Multiple colors velvet to  Grey powder coated stand      
   choose from        
Carousel DIY - 4 wings Carousel Tray Stand 12 A4 Pkts Floor Stand 24 A4 Pkts Floor Stand Mini-Carousel Tray

Carousel DIY - 4 Wings

Carousel Tray Stand

12 A4 Pkts Floor Stand

24 A4 Pkts Floor Stand

Mini-Carousel Tray

  Model: 4CA104  Model: CAT 4  Model: 12F230  Model: 24F230  Model: MCT 1
1/3 A4 Size Counter Carousel A5 Size Counter Carousel A4 Size Counter Carousel 12 Pkts A4 Counter Carousel

1/3 A4 Size Counter Carousel

 A5 Size Counter Carousel

A4 Size Counter Carousel

12 Pkts A4 Counter Carousel

 Model: CC 104  Model: CC 160  Model: CC 230  Model: 12C 230
 First Aid Box  Donation Box  Suggestion Box  Lucky Draw Box  Key Cabinet  Key Panel
First Aid Box Donation Box Suggestion Box Lucky Draw Box

Key Cabinet

Key Panel
 Small: in mm  Small: in mm  Small: in mm  Small: in mm  Epoxy coated solid steel construction for durability  30mm x 76mm aluminum frame
 300 (L) x 110 (W) x 265 (H)  320 (L) x 160 (W) x 320 (H)  220 (L) x 120 (W) x 290 (H)  300 (L) x 300 (W) x 300 (H)  Good quality cam lock, inclusive of 2 keys  Comes with safety corner cap
 Large: in mm    Large: in mm    Magnetic catch for added grip  5 mm sliding glass
 340 (L) x 130 (W) x 290 (H)    260 (L) x 130 (W) x 340 (H)    Colour and number coded key panel system  Keeps keys organized
         Wall mounted (wall fixing plugs & screw included)  96, 126, 220, 290 keys model
 Magazine Rack Newspaper & Magazine Rack
Magazine Rack News 28 Newspaper & Magazine Rack News 38 Newspaper & Magazine Rack NM 302 Newspaper & Magazine Rack NM 502 Newspaper & Magazine Rack NM 605 Newspaper & Magazine Rack
 Dimensions: 31 (L) x 33 (W) x 135 (H) mm  Model: News 28  Model: News 38  Model: NM 302  Model: NM 502  Model: NM 605
                     48 (L) x 33 (W) x 330 (H) mm  680W) x 570(D) x 1030(H) mm  695W) x 365(D) x 850(H) mm  640W) x 430(D) x 780(H) mm  690W) x 390(D) x 1160(H) mm  690W) x 390(D) x 1230(H) mm

Plastic Display Holders

Plastic display holder/module

Plastic display Holder

Plastic Display Holder

Plastic Display Holder

Metal & Aluminium Easel Stand Wooden Easel Stand

Metal Aluminum Easel Stand

Wooden Easel Stand

 Adjustable & extractable legs  Made of elm wood
 Broad stance for stability  Adjustable and extractable legs
 Ideal to use with writing board, bulletin board, sketching canvas or poster  Broad stance for stability
 Black powder coated finishing  Ideal to use with writing board, bulletin board, menu board or poster
Description Code Max. Board Height Carry Bag Weight Description Code Max. Board Height Weight
 Metal Folding Sketching Easel ETS-61 110 cm Yes 2.4 kgs Studio Easel ETS-63 120 cm 7.0 kgs
Aluminium Folding Easel ETS-62 80 cm Yes 1.3 kgs Studio Easel ETS-65 180 cm 9.0 kgs
Metal Easel Tripod ETS-68 915 cm - 3.0 kgs Folding Easel ETS-66 120 cm 1.7 kgs
  Folding Easel ETS-69 110 cm 3.8 kgs