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In our fast growing information edge society of today, there is an ever growing need of data protection for your company and also for your customer. Important and confidential documents such as Accounting Statements, Bank Statements, Income-Tax form, customers' records, Design plan and statistical documents are just a few to mention which you should take extra care during handling and disposal of these documents. With that a Shredder is certainly the perfect tool to help you dispose of these documents efficiently. We do offer a wide range of paper shredder which most of them accordance with The German DIN standard 32757 which established 5 levels of security to determines the maximum dimensions for strip and particle width. It is therefore your choice to choose the correct shredder for your company and we will be very glad to help you choose the correct shredder for your company. Call us today to find out more or check it out at our on-line catalog for the models that suit you and for further enquiries please feel free to contact us or send us your questions through our enquiry form  and we will get back to you soon.

We carry a wide range paper shredder from the below well known brands:

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Choosing the Correct Shredder....

There are actually three main criteria to look for when choosing the correct shredder to suit your need. The three main criteria are Level of Security, Shredding Types and also Shredding Performance.

1. Security Levels

Most Shredder company today follow the German DIN standard 32757 to determine the maximum dimensions for strip and particle widths for the shredded document. This Standard consists of 5-level of security (from 1 to 5) as shown below. As a rule of thumb for normal office and home usage and making general documents illegible, then security levels 1 and 2are the right choice and for corporate usage which deal with lot of highly confidential and classified documents, then the levels 3 to 5 are exactly what you need.

DIN Security level 1

DIN Security level 2

DIN security level 3

Level 1: Maximum strip width of 12 mm

Level 2: Maximum strip width of 6 mm

Level 3: Maximum strip width of 2 mm

DIN Security Level 4

DIN security level 5

DIN Security Level 6

Level 4: Maximum particle size of 4x80 mm

Level 5: Maximum particle size of 2x15 mm

Level 6: Maximum particle size of 0.8x12mm


2 Shredding Types

There are basically 2 types of shredding types namely the straight cut and cross cut (particle cut). The differences between them is that the straight cut give higher throughput but the cross cut types gives you higher data security and also a considerable reduction of shredded paper volume.
3 Shredding Performance
Choosing the right performance based on the number of paper to shred is an important criteria. Different models and range can shred between 3 to 500 sheets at any one time. Therefore with our wide choice of paper shredder, you can be sure to find the right paper shredder to suit your need.