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 □ Reception Table  - AT Office System

AT Office System Genesis Series Reception table

  Beta Series AT Office System Empire Series Reception Desk   Empire Series
    A harmonious combination of brown     The Empire series has the ability to
    and ebony black with a polished high      transform any workspace. Inject a
    top and spacious lower work surface,     dynamic display of power and
    gives a warm welcome ambience that     sophistication to your workstation.
    greets every visitor.     Sleek, dark and luxuriously practical,
      the Empire series redefines office

Legend Series  
    The Legend Series offers the best in Legend Series
    practicality, space saving and modern     The Legend Series also comes in
    look. The Combination of the light     Black color to suit your office
    brown and grey with the translucent     environment.
    panel gives the office environment a  
    boost of energy that enhances the  
    overall working area.  
□ Custom Made Reception Table  - Some sample designs below, please contact us for more detail. Find Out More

Sample Reception Table Model A

Sample Reception Table Model B

Sample Reception Table Model C

Sample Reception Table Model D

 Sample A ▲ Sample B ▲ Sample C ▲ Sample D▲
Sample Reception Table Model E Sample Reception Table Model F Sample Reception Table Mode G Sample Reception Table Model H
Sample E ▲ Sample F ▲ Sample G▲ Sample H ▲